Storage of Eden Valley flours and grains

Our flours and grains carry a six month use-by date.

It is best to store our flours and grains in a cool, dry, dark place. This will keep flour and grain fresher for longer and lessen the risk of weevil infestation when temperatures rise over 20 degrees – such as in autumn, spring and summer.

Our wholesalers store flour and grain in ideal conditions, that is, low humidity cool stores of around five degrees.

Controlling weevils in shops, warehouses and homes

Weevils are found flying around everywhere as part of our natural environment.They are most active when it is warmer than 12 degrees and (unfortunately for shop owners) like warmth and often light.

Here are some suggestions for reducing the chance of weevils infesting dry goods in your shop, warehouse or home:

  • Store at low temperatures below 12 degrees C and refrigerate if possible.
  • Keep area free of flour dust.
  • Keep area free of old stock they may harbor weevils – flour products, other goods such as dried fruits, nuts, grains and other cereal products.
  • Keep fresh stock and turn over as often as possible.
  • For long periods of storage use large sealed bins with dry ice added at a rate of 2 kilograms per tonne or part there of. Dry ice is available from larger service stations.
  • Grain and flour is safe for human consumption after the addition of dry ice.
  • Small quantities may be frozen for at least 10 days to kill weevils.
  • Small quantities may be microwaved at 60oC to kill weevils.

What we do on the farm and at the mill to control weevils

On the farm

  • Certified biodynamic/organic farming demands that we store grain in white reflective painted silos to keep grain cool.
  • Silos are sealed and then purged with CO2 or N2 to remove oxygen. This kills weevils and prevents oxidization of grain.
  • CO2 and N2 are natural atmospheric gases and are safe to use on foodstuffs.

In the mill

  • Flour is milled to order – almost all products from the Eden Valley Flour Mill have been freshly milled for your order.
  • The mill is kept clean and as dust free as possible.
  • High volume dust extraction unit operates during flour milling.

As storage and handling is beyond our control once our product leaves our store, and considering the weevil life cycle is 14 days, we will fully guarantee our product for 21 days only from dispatch date.