Producers of high quality biodynamic flour, livestock pellets and wool

Situated at Dumbleyung in southern Western Australia, Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm is owned and farmed by the Lloyd family who practise ecologically-sustainable, traditional agriculture.

The entrance to Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm

Eden Valley Farm is an original selection of land that encompasses a total mini-catchment of 1295 hectares. The property is blessed with natural ridge boundaries to the north, west and south and man-made boundaries made up of either 40 metre road or railway reserves or double fenced shelterbelts. Any remaining boundaries are progressively planted to trees and double fenced to further minimise weed blow in and chemical spray drift onto the property.

An integrated surface drainage system harvests water into dams and directs surplus (uncontaminated by fertiliser or chemical) safely from the property via natural drainage lines.

Owing to its unique position in the landscape, Eden Valley is an entity in, and of itself, within which microclimate regulation and water table control is possible.

Eden Valley Biodynamic wheat being harvested

The farm's flour mill processes biodynamic grain grown on the farm into certified baker's flour, wholemeal, atta, self-raising, rye, barley and pasta flours. Other certified products include whole grains for milling and sprouting, stock feeds of straw, hay and formulated livestock pellets for sheep, cattle, horses and goats, as well as poultry crumble for free-ranging laying hens.

Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm produce is free of genetic modifications, chemicals and synthetic fertilisers.

All produce is hand packaged with the striking flour packaging design the subject of an award.

The Lloyd family, owners of Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm

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Our Awards

Finalist in the 2014 delicious. Produce Awards

Finalist in the 2013 delicious. Produce Awards

Nominee for the 2012 delicious. Produce Awards

Finalist in the delicious. Produce Awards 2011

Highly Commended Vogue Entertaining & Travel Produce Awards 2008: From The Earth

Winner Vogue Entertaining & Travel Produce Awards 2008: Food Heritage Award

Nominee for Vogue Entertaining and Travel Produce Awards 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010

Delegate to Slow Food Terra Madre in Turin, Italy 2004, 2006 & 2008

State producer delegate to A Taste of Slow Melbourne September 2006

Packaging - Australian Graphic Design Association Award of Excellence 2002